donderdag, mei 05, 2005

Vote Mebyon Kernow

Vote Respect. In Scotland vote Scottish Socialist Party. Where that ain't possible, there's always the Greens; genuinely left-wing and anti-war Labour MPs; in Sedgefield there's Reg Keys - the father of a soldier slain in Iraq running against Blair; in Blackburn there's Craig Murray - the former ambassador to Uzbekistan, fired for raising uncomfortable points about our ally in the WoT who has a predilection for boiling political opponents alive (President Karimov, that is, not our man in Tashkent, or, rather, Blackburn); and Plaid Cymru is nice and left too.

And I suppose, if there really, really is no other option, Charles Kennedy's lot will have to do, as in the constituency of Cornwall North, where other than the Lib Dems, the only anti-war vote available is for Dick Cole, the leader of Mebyon Kernow, the hick Cornish irredentists whose main political activity seems to be painting over the English rose on brown tourist attraction road signs on trunk roads in the Southwest and replacing it with the cross of St. Piran.

If your're confused, Red Pepper's put together a good guide to how to vote left in the UK. Although they really do call for a vote for Mebyon Kernow.