vrijdag, april 08, 2005

Present simple; present continuous

Right, well that was all a bit non-sweet. So here we are back to the old design, more or less, until I can get something a little less non-sweet happening.

Also, furthermore, moreover and as well, let me apologise for the non-bloggage the last week. I've joined that globally itinerant army of student-loan refugees who can't get work anywhere else and started teaching English in the evenings (yes, on top of the insipid, interminably tiresome tech-journo day-job) in the hope that I can save up some moolah and go freelance by the summer and start writing what I actually want to write.

Pastry in the atmosphere the plan maybe, but it turns out teaching English is quite fun (apart from trying to get the mute cabbage [possible redunancy there: Are there non-mute cabbages? Who cares. It sounded good when I thought the image up] in the corner to say anything at all). Anyway - it's thoroughly scuppered my already erratic blogging behaviour, but I should have a decent schedule worked out soon enough so that I can fit blogging in again, but not tonight. So this is all you're getting.

While you wait, here's a link to Moneybrother, one of the, hmm, eleven bands I found amongst the package of 222 tracks I downloaded from the South by Southwest music festival website that are better than mediocre. The track, 'They're building walls around us', has superfluous string arrangements, brass, the puzzlingly nonsensical lyrics in English only Swedish bands and Noel Gallagher can write and BELLS! That's right, you heard me: bells. Fans of the Redskins should like it, as the wall-of-sound soul on offer is not dissimilar from that of the noted SWP-member-fronted eighties band, minus the samples of Tony Cliff speaking, natch.

Blogger is totally fucked right now. It's nigh on impossible to post anything, and Picasa seems to be down too, hence the screwy header right now. Grrr.