vrijdag, april 08, 2005

Obligatory Adscam posting

'It's Canada's Watergate!' screams the typically hyperbolic Canadian media, but I have to say I'm not getting terribly worked up about the Adscam doo-lang doo-lang. It is indeed turning out to be quite a wretched bit of business, but surely of a completely predictable piece with the endless bunting of criminality in which Canada's Natural Party of Government has been involved for years.

Chretien was able to walk away from the whole Auberge Grand-Mère malefaction a few years ago, thanks to a forgiving media establishment deeply intertwined with the Liberal Party, while at the same time, BC's left-wing premier Glen Clark was forced out, a victim of the rrrrrabidly conservative BC press for the gross scandal of not-paying-for-but-in-the-end-actually-paying-for a deck built in his backyard. Surely it has been plain for an age how bent the Liberals are.

All rather tediously obvious.

So I'm not going to write a thing about it.