woensdag, juli 27, 2005

Rummy reminds ungrateful Kyrgyz who bought them their revolution

Earlier this month, the four Central Asian republics, Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Uzekistan and Tajikistan, along with China, called on the US to issue a schedule for the withdrawal of US forces in the region. It seems that they, seeing that the emperor has no clothes - despite all its technology and spending on arms, the US is losing in Iraq - and the republics are tilting back toward Russia and China.

While the US certainly spent heavily on the opposition in Kyrgystan - as it did in Georgia, the Ukraine, Yugoslavia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe - that ultimately overthrew the government - it seems the new government is not as pliant as the Yanks would have liked.

Right on cue, rapid deployment of Rum-tum-bum on a short-notice trip to the region.

A few hours later today, Kyrgystan tilts back, saying, ' The [US] base at Manas will stay as long as the situation in Afghanistan requires,' said Kyrgyz defence minister Ismail Isakov.

What was offered - or threatened - to make Kyrgystan back off?