donderdag, juli 07, 2005

First thoughts

Random dude witness on BBC radio started going off the reservation a bit and began to call on Tony Blair to begin 'reconcilation' with whomever we are at war as what we have done so far isn't working. Needless to say he was hurried off the air.

Attacks on Muslims, Arabs and anyone slightly darker than my soapy white Caucasian self will undoubtedly spike over the next few weeks. We need to be vigilant in our defence of these communities.

Watch for politicians to, without haste, link the altermondialist movement to the attackers, as they did after the 11th of September. We must not be caught like a deer in the headlights after that date, but go on the offensive, as they did in Spain after the Madrid bombings.

No to terror, to the murder of ordinary, working class men and women anywhere, whether from bombers on Tube trains or from on high from the bomb bay doors of an F-16! Do the people of London feel any different today than the people of Baghdad under the boot of Operation Lightning?

If there is any difference between Blair and whoever perpetrated this today, it is only that Blair has killed more.

A demo, on the model of Madrid - and admittedly the dynamic is not identical - against ALL terror - from Bush and Blair not just from al Qaeda, would not be out of place, and explicitly links this terrorist government to this morning's terror.

It was bound to happen, and will continue to happen, until we stop killing them.