vrijdag, januari 14, 2005

No Loitering Only

Tonight I've had tons of completely random visitors to the site - most of which are trying to sell something, like Kyleslawnservice, and the most of the rest have been Portuguese, as usual.

But then there's the odd one, which makes me just pause, and think, Jesus, what an amazing thing these blogs can be sometimes. There's someone that came here via one of these random sites,
Extext. The guy just started yesterday, but it's like, wow, I'm looking in on this 59-year-old guy's thoughts, that maybe he's quite confident about, or maybe this is the only thing he's ever spoken to. Whatever. Wow.

He's got a big fungus growing on an elm stump in his front yard. He says 'It changes everyday. Sometimes it seems to be thinking it is so brain-like.'

I'm blown away. The sign is a photograph he took. He writes poetry too.