zondag, november 21, 2004

Vacation/All I ever wanted/Vacation/Had to get away/

As Andre 3000 sang in Outkast's 2001 break-out hit, 'Ms Jackson', 'I apologise a trillion times' for my non-blogification these last few weeks.

Furthermore and worse, I intend to take a few weeks off over Christmas while I visit my family in Canada. While I have read that such absences are the kiss of death for blogs, as I work all day long in front of this same computer from which I write my blog in the evening, if I don't take at least a little bit of a holiday away from technology, I am at serious risk of my body rejecting it all tout court.

I am afraid, comrades and friends, until January, for me, it will be nothing more than West Coast winter barbeques, beer and my dear, dear brother, whom I have not seen but a few days in the last four years.

(And a particular apology to James M., to whom I promised a thorough-going disection of the 'Workers Power/IFTU doo-wop at the ESF'. At this point, I don't think you're going to get one. James O., however, has a fairly snappy analysis of the ESF at the Radical Activist Network website. Sorry. I was dreadful at handing in assignments throughout uni, if that's any consolation. BTW, all o' y'all, James M. has, to his horror, recently noticed he has had a slightly disturbing sudden outbreak of agreeing with Charles Clarke. All five of you die-hards that are left reading this blog after my near-month of silence - go off to James M.'s site now, and let me hibernate in peace.)

A janvier.