dinsdag, januari 11, 2005

Hadi Salih update - Labour Friends of Iraq open letter

Labour Friends of Iraq yesterday posted an open letter, entitled 'The murder of Hadi Saleh – why are you silent?', addressed to the UK Stop the War Coalition, demanding they speak out against the killing of IFTU trade unionist Hadi Salih.

Indeed, this brutal murder must be condemned, as I mentioned below, but again, we must ask of LFoI, and the signatories to the letter - including such noted chickenhawks as David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen - 'WHY ARE YOU SILENT WHEN OVER 100,000 IRAQI CIVILIANS HAVE BEEN BUTCHERED?'

I'm sorry - I'm not one for all-caps normally, but the willful blindness of these so-called liberals is staggering.

Needless to say, the resistance is once again slandered by the signatories of the letter in the typical screeching, ignorant 'They're all Ba'athist Islamofascists' bullshit fashion.

StWC should condemn the killing, but it must not back down in the face of these hypocrites. Let the StWC leaders go on the offensive and demand why such good little liberals support butchery by the US and UK on the scale of the Asian Tsunami.

'Objectively', one might say, LFoI and co. are apologists for war criminals.

100,000 YOU FUCKERS! 100,000 DEAD! And you say NOTHING!

**Update to the update. The Stop the War Coalition has in fact condemned the killing. Placing bets now on how long it takes Labour 'Friends' of Iraq to condemn the proven deaths of 100,000+ Iraqi civilians.