vrijdag, november 05, 2004

Remember liberal Yankee refugees - it's not all lesbian marriage and single-payer health care Shangri-la up north. We have Celine Dion too.

According to CBS, the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Salon, Kos, and others across the blogosphere, liberal Americans are quite seriously talking about moving to Canada, land of single-payer health care, gay marriage, and decriminalised marijuana. In fact, we're so liberal, the Liberal Party is conservative. We've even got real live actual socialists in government in many places.

A website has even been launched to hook up liberal Yankee refugees with desperate Canuck singles (it's a satire from This Magazine, formerly edited by the luuurvely Naomi Klein - you can find out more by clicking on Aboot This Site).

Sadly, the truth is that we too have our problems with conservatives and religious fundamentalism, and then there's the whole Alberta thing.

But most importantly, none of the social programmes or progressive laws we have in Canada came down from on high like a gift. We had to struggle for every last one.

Without struggle, there is no progress. Stick it out, liberal Yankees. The world needs you to stay where you are and fight.

Meanwhile, when I'm back in Vancouver for Christmas, I think I'll get me some medical marijuana, a free, publicly funded sex change, and then maybe marry a lesbian at city hall while I'm at it. You Yanks have fun at the Rapture!