woensdag, oktober 13, 2004

Hitch finally admits he's a neo-con

Remarkable that he still finds game enough in deigning to participate in debates with 'fellow travellers with fascism' such as his former comrade Tariq Ali on 'Saddamite' radio shows like Democracy Now, but Christopher Hitchens somehow does.

The latest debate is far too short, but it is notable for Christopher's admission that he is indeed a neo-conservative in the sense that he is a partisan of Paul Wolfowitz, whom he feels is a pro-democracy idealist because, I don't know, maybe Wolfie got into a minor bun fight with Henry Kissinger at a Washington cotillion at some point.

Meanwhile, Lenny, over at the Tomb, has done a nice little bit of work digging up details of Wolfie's handiwork helping shape Indonesian security policy in the mid-seventies, of which Hitch is unaware, or more likely overlooking.

And when was that whole kickabout in East Timor again? Oh. Mmm. Somewhere around the same time. Oh well, what is it to overlook 250,000 East Timorese dead, when one now has a steady gig at the Weekly Standard and gets to do a private stand-up routine at the White House every now and then?

Lenny also notes that Wolfie apparently was still defending Suharto as late as 1997. So no excuses really there, Hitch.

He's not bad, that Lenny. If you haven't come across Lenin's Tomb yet, check him out.