woensdag, juli 28, 2004

US vets to petition for impeachment of whoever wins in November if troops aren't pulled out in ten days

Counterpunch: Vets Demand End to Occupation

"Over 400 Veterans for Peace (VFP) members gathered last weekend in Boston for the organization's annual convention, hearing from Daniel Ellsberg, historian Howard Zinn, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, members of Military Families Speak Out, and the newly-formed Iraq Veterans Against the War. They also passed a resolution in the form of a memo titled 'To White House Occupant After Jan. 20, 2005,' demanding:

'[T]hat the next U.S. president announce, within 10 days of taking office, that he will withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq within 60 days, and that if this 10-day period following the inauguration passes without a publicly-announced decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq within 60 days, Veterans for Peace chapters around the nation will begin a campaign including, but not limited to, petitions calling for the impeachment of the president.'"

Well, at least the Vets (as in former soldiers, not those who de-worm cats) are putting Kerry on notice. But then perhaps this is to be expected, as historically it is more than common for the normally trustily conservative rank and file soldiers, in time of war, to leap-frog over liberal tactics to the most radical actions. Why? It's simple: to them the war is not an merely an abstract notion to be opposed; the war's continued prosecution means their more of their buddies will die. For them, they want this war stopped now and by any means necessary.