donderdag, juli 22, 2004

Fish, seals, dolphins, otters, falcons, bees joining other team

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Boys will be girls - eventually

"...a third of male fish are growing female reproductive tissues and organs. Effects were most pronounced in younger fish, raising grave implications for future stocks.

Scientists now fear that seals, dolphins, otters, birds such as peregrine falcons and even honey bees are heading towards a uni-sex existence that would lead to extinction. Blame has fallen on the increasing prevalence of a group of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors. These are found in in plastics, food packaging, shampoos and pesticides and accumulate in the environment. They can mimic the female hormone oestrogen when ingested," turning them into girly-men, as the governor of California would describe them.

Well, of course this explains Robert Smith.

As does this.