dinsdag, juli 20, 2004

The solution to the occupation? Arab Israelis must fuck like bunnies.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Sharon 'not welcome' in France:

"French politicians and Jewish leaders have reacted with indignation.

But an Israeli spokesman sought to play down the remarks, saying Mr Sharon's comments to the American Jewish Association in Jerusalem had been badly reported.

While Mr Sharon urged French Jews to move to Israel because of anti-Semitism, Israel has also encouraged Jewish immigration for demographic reasons.

If the current population trends continue, it is estimated that Jews will be outnumbered by non-Jews in the territory that Israel controls within 10 to 15 years."

Oh! That's okay, then. For a moment there, I thought you meant that France was about to start constructing gas chambers, but now I see that really all you meant, Arik, was that you need more whiteys to move to Israel because you're being swamped by the darkies, turning the country into not just an Apartheid state figuratively, but literally, as western Jews become outnumbered by those danged horny Palestinians in Israel proper not just when you include the occupied territories. That's so much better.

Seriously though - exactly how are Sharon's words (and the entire discussion about demographic changes in Israel) any different from those of Pim Fortuyn, Australia's Pauline Hanson, or even Enoch Powell? And yet liberal Jews talk straightfacedly about the 'demographic' problem in Israel, where they would be horrified to hear the same words come out of the mouths of UKIP, the BNP or other far/hard right parties, when they say that immigration threatens 'Britishness'. No one ever points out how fundamentally racist the discourse is.

Similar to what is happening in Northern Ireland demographically, at some point, there will be enough Arab Israelis (Palestinians who are citizens of Israel) born in Israel itself that a simple electoral majority could vote out the occupation. But of course, Israel will never let this happen, and through gerrymandering and repression minority rule will continue. Israel will have to govern identically to how South Africa was governed internally and not just in the territories, which Sharon knows and also knows will be that much more difficult to stomach internationally.

So fuck like bunnies, Palestinians! Pump out those mewling mouths to feed like your lives depend on it! - Because they do.