dinsdag, maart 15, 2005

Walthamstow Rifles

While I'm at it, I might as well also add that right now I am loving v. much 'Tendency' by Battle, which blatantly rips off not just any old Peter Hook baseline from New Order, but very specifically that of 'What do you want from me' by Monaco, Hooky's short-lived New Order side-project (although it's actually a bit darker. And actually a bit, gasp, better.). It may be thoroughly derivative, but there could be a hundred New Order rip-off bands on the charts and all the critics screaming how unoriginal it all is and I would still be happy. Just as there cannot be too many mushrooms in a sauce (Try it: try and put too many mushrooms in a sauce. It can't be done.), there cannot be too many bands attempting to be New Order.

…just as there can't be too many bands attempting to be the Jam, a mon avis. Apropos of such an imitation, we find The Rifles, of Walthamstow, (not to be confused with the identically named and generally okayish Rifles of north Yorkshire), whose 'Peace and Quiet', released last Monday and streamable here, is on repeat on the Apostate Windbag stereo. No points for guessing the Jam track that inspired the band's name. [Ah, in looking for their homepage, I have just found out I am a little late to the cotillion. Apparently Zane Lowe is already all over them. Teach me to attempt to be trendy indie-band recommending person]. Anyway, they're playing Blow Up at the Metro Club on Oxford St., London, on the 24th.