vrijdag, februari 04, 2005

I can't defend this.

I know that I am supposed to have written a response to Ivan, a very dedicated, but nonetheless wrong, commenter on this here blog, who had responded in a very confused fashion to this post, and that, yes, on one of my most hectic days of the year, the unfortunately popular pro-war 'leftist' blog, Harry's Place, has linked to some old post of mine and intimated that because I am against the war I am in favour of the despicable, inhuman, object somewhere that dares to claim itself a part of the Iraqi resistance who has exploited some poor thing with Down's Syndrome and forced him to blow himself up.

Anyway, I'm sorry, tonight I just can't find anything to say about this.

Eye witnesses said ..."the poor victim was so scared when ordered to walk to the searching point and began to walk back to the terrorists. In response the criminals pressed the button and blew up the poor victim almost half way between their position and the voting center's entrance".

I don't have words. I really don't. I could cry.

Vermin. Whoever did this, they're vermin. Nothing more to say. Sorry chaps.