vrijdag, augustus 06, 2004

Iraq body count over 37,000

Aljazeera.Net - Iraqi group claims over 37,000 civilian toll

Al-Ubaidi, a UK-based physiology professor, provided a detailed breakdown of the 37,000 civilian deaths for each governorate (excluding the Kurdish areas) relating to the period between March and October 2003:

Baghdad: 6103
Mosul: 2009
Basra: 6734
Nasiriya: 3581
Diwania: 1567
Wasit: 2494
Babil: 3552
Karbala and Najaf: 2263
Muthana: 659
Misan: 2741
Anbar: 2172
Kirkuk: 861
Salah al-Din: 1797.

This figure is significantly higher than the maximum Iraqi deaths reported at Iraq Body Count, and this figure only includes civilian casualties.

Thanks to Lenin for the link.