zaterdag, september 11, 2004

Visit from the happy-clappies

This whole 'Navbar' thing that Blogger has installed on all Blogger blogs (which I figured out how to get rid of yesterday) has increased traffic to the site somewhat, but ApostateW. is now the recipient of some rather random interlopers.

Early this morning, I received a visit via or from West Coast Chaos - a tag-team blog from somewhere in the Fraser Valley - the Bible Belt region of British Columbia - very close to where I'm from (originally, sort of, but not really*), but in many ways, oh so far away. The kids apparently attend Columbia Bible College - one of those 'universities' whose biology graduates can't go and teach in high schools because they never learnt about evolution.

In the 'View My Complete Profile' section of the blog, one of the authors predictably lists as his favourite books Lord of the Rings and The Bible (although, interestingly, in that order and not the other way round, the spotty little...well, apostate), while his favourite movies are Lord of the Rings and Braveheart.

I bet they wear golf shirts that they tuck into their chinos and listen to the Dave Matthews Band too.

(Of course, not everybody from the Fraser Valley is a complete medieval throwback. Back in the Nineties, an independent candidate running for election in Abbotsford used the opportunity to take the piss out of his happy-clappy would-be constituents by legally changing his name to Satan Satan before the writ was dropped and standing on a platform whose single plank was to change the name of the town to Abortsford. Not that the stunt worked, sadly: A few years later the pitchfork-and-torch-wielding locals would be banning
One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dad and Harry Potter from school libraries.)

*If you're interested, b. Cannock, Staffs.,1975; moved to Oshawa, Ont., age 6, 1982; moved to Whitby, Ont. shortly thereafter; moved to Vancouver, B.C., age 12 and 364 days, 1988; moved to Victoria for university, age 17, 1993; Amsterdam and Brussels followed at some distance after that, with multiple extended interludes in London and chav-tastic Wadebridge, which, as you might not know, is in Cornwall.