woensdag, augustus 18, 2004

Canada's own dirty little occupation

While attention is rightly being paid to the gaggle of occupations (What is the correct collective noun for a group of occupations? A brutality of occupations? An injustice of occupations?) in Eurasia, there is another dirty little occupation-ette in which Canada is participating as a way to kiss and make up with Georgie after the Canadian anti-war movement held the government back from its usual role as Robin to the American imperialist Batman in Iraq. Canada's shameful participation in the overthrow of democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has been documented elsewhere, but an investigation by an Albertan researcher now suggests that the Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) - Canada's elite team of neckless psychopaths that the easily impressed insist on calling 'special forces' - may have been involved in a massacre of between 40 and 60 supporters of the ousted president.

From the latest edition of The Republic, the independent newspaper from the People's Republic of East Vancouver:

"Investigations into what happened the night of March 12 in Belair, Haiti reveal a potential massacre as US forces invaded and overthrew the elected government of Aristride. Canada's special forces may have participated in the spree.

On July 29th, the Commander of the Canadian Forces contingent in Haiti, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Davis, acknowledged to a well-attended media teleconference call that at least 1,000 people had been killed in Port-au-Prince since February 29th. He also acknowledged that occupying forces took part in a massacre of between 40 to 60 Lavalas civilians in the neighbourhood of Belair on March 12th."